What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that involves a professional coach supporting and guiding individuals or groups to achieve their personal or professional objectives. Coaches use various techniques, tools, and questioning methods to help clients gain clarity, overcome obstacles, develop skills, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Why you should start coaching? What are the benefits? Facts

According to International Coaching Federation, based on a study done with more than 10.000 people who had participated in a coaching relationship, the following top 3 impacts were revealed:

Improved communication skills
0 %
Increased self-esteem / self-confidence
0 %
Increased productivity and improved work-life balance
0 %


Mentoring is a supportive and developmental relationship between two individuals, where the mentor shares their knowledge, expertise, and experiences to guide and assist the other person, known as the mentee or protégé. The primary goal of mentoring is to help the mentee grow both personally and professionally, acquire new skills, gain valuable insights, and achieve their goals.

Coaching and mentoring are two distinct approaches to supporting personal and professional development, but they differ in their focus, structure, and relationship dynamics.

Coaches don't necessarily need to be experts in the field their clients are working in, as their role is to facilitate the development process, ask powerful questions, and help individuals find their solutions. They utilize various coaching techniques and models to support the coachee' s growth.
Mentors typically have considerable experience and expertise in the areas relevant to their mentees. They draw from their personal and professional knowledge to offer valuable advice, insights, and encouragement. Unlike coaches, mentors often share their own experiences as a way to guide their mentees.

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